Corporate Info

We are committed to bringing the right people in the field to help our partners achieve their goals. PRIDE is made up of a team of qualified professionals with vast experience in handling projects related to public transportation. 

From project management, engineering services to project deliverables, we have the professionals for the right jobs. Spread within the departments, each area of business under the purview of PRIDE is led by highly experienced personnel committed to sharing their expertise in exploring partnership opportunities.

Corporate Info

Board of Directors

YBhg. Datin Hjh Norlia Hj Noah


YBhg Datuk Mohd Zarif Mohd Hashim


Encik Mohd Rafizee Abdul Rahman


Encik Abdul Hadi Amran


Corporate Info

Key Management

Firdaus Effendy Mokhtar

Chief Executive Officer, PRIDE

Razwan Ismail

Head, Retail & Event

Shahril Saad

Head, Business Development & Operation (Advertising)

Saiful Azhar Mohd Yusoff

Head, Property

Fazarizul Hashidi Muhamad Pauzi

Head, Technology

Maizatul Shima Mustaffa Kamal

Head, Business Contract

Zulainiah Abdul Rashid

Head, Finance