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Property and Land

Aspiring to build a new lifestyle amongst Malaysians where connectivity and mobility are the prime objectives, transit-oriented development (“TOD”) will be the new approach for property development; with PRIDE playing the leading role as it monetizes its land banks at the stations and bus hubs.

Property & Land Department consists of three sections; Planning, Land Management and Project Management to cater anything related to land matter, joint-development and land leasing with the aim to utilize possible land for essential mix-development infrastructure projects and land commercialization.

TOD and land commercialization are one of the ancillary income sources to sustain the revenue generation for the company.
There are several on-going development projects:
PRIDE Services


These LRT stations are the main interaction centre for thousands of people either day or night to travel daily. Everyone in this foot traffic flow is a potential customer who may need certain items or purchases while waiting for the train. Looking at these needs, PRIDE has provided an easily accessible shopping experience at an affordable price.

Looking at the thousands of LRT and Bus users who use the services provided by Prasarana, it is a vast potential for companies out there to advertise their products or services to potential customers. Looking at the overall potential available, the Commercial Department is entrusted to carry out commercial activities for advertising, retail and events.
The Objective of transit retail is to provide real useful services and goods to public transport users within the limited space in 90 stations which comprises of offering like F&B, Retail & Services. Tenant mix incorporated an ideal ratio of premium brands, affordable brands and lifestyle brands. Premium brands will contribute to uplift the experience of using public transport thus encouraging the more affluence demography to accept public transport. We’re looking for vibrant tenants who are looking to bring new and original businesses in established flourishing communities. If you share the same vision as ours, keep searching below.

LRT stations are strategic location for your new business venture, events, and activities. Our spaces are located at high traffic stations and you will be able to broaden your reach to potential customers.

Type of services for retail and event spaces include:

  1. Rental of commercial space at the station and multistorey park & ride complexes for kiosks and pushcarts.
  2. Conduct events and promotion activities.
  3. Conduct train rides & charter trains for public, schools and associations.
  4. Rent sites at stations, depot, office and trains for filming and video shooting activities. Activities such as photoshoot, videography, commercials, and filming are available for rental.

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Prasarana Integrated Development Sdn. Bhd. (PRIDE) Advertising has established as emerging player in the “out-of home” media or outdoor media services in Klang Valley. The principal activities are to market and manage media and production services for out of home advertising by commercializing the rail and buses assets of Prasarana Group (our concessions). Our presence also felt in the east coast and northern peninsular of Malaysia via RapidBus advertising of Rapid Kuantan and Rapid Penang.

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Product and Services

  1. Rental of advertising display structures on prime outdoor locations across Prasarana’s assets
  2. Installation of display materials
  3. Servicing and maintenance of signage’s and display materials
  4. Outdoor display structures and ambient media
  5. Supply of advertising materials

Creation of sponsorship program to boost clientele branding in association with the greater services provided by Prasarana.

PRIDE Services


The Right of Way (RoW) along the tracks was the starting point for technology commercialisation exercise. Therefore, the Department of Technology encourages the continued growth of non-fare revenue by exploring, expanding and managing technology-related businesses by leveraging the infrastructure of Prasarana.

The Technology Department is also responsible for managing the Park and Ride facilities. Looking at the massive increase in mobile devices usage, PRIDE through the Department of Technology has explored new business opportunities through Mobility as a Services (MaaS) platform for commuters’ convenience.
The Technology Department also plays an important role in transforming PRIDE towards Digital to ensure that PRIDE remains sustainable in all industries involved.

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